Pour these five kinds of water, what flower can grow strong!

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abstract: Flowers can& 39;t live without water and nutrients, but these five kinds of water, which can be added to w

       Flowers can't live without water and nutrients, but these five kinds of water, which can be added to water, can also add nutrients to plants, and kill two birds with one stone.      Tangshan tengfei hoe
       1.Ferrous sulfate
       Role: ferrous sulfate is a common fertilizer, in the process of flower dilution after soluble in water, according to the instructions to plant supplement iron, improve the acidity of soil environment, suitable for use in xi acid plants, such as camellia, cuckoo, jasmine, gardenia, etc., is to avoid the medicine of the plant leaves became brown!
       Source: ferrous sulphate people can go to the flower shop to buy, the general flower market will have, use, follow the instruction to be able.      Tangshan tengfei spade
       2. Cake water
       Method: cake fertilizer water is cake fertilizer (oil residue left after the seed oil, such as peanut, rapeseed, sesame cake, etc.) in the jar, add water, then cover with glass or plastic bags, high temperature, a month can be fermented.
       Usage: when used, dilute the fermented liquid and then use it to water the flowers, which will make the plant leaves more green and the roots stronger.     Tangshan tengfei garden tools
       3. Wash rice water
       How to make it: use a plastic bottle to hold the water in the water, then put some orange peel in it, cover it with a cap, and tighten it slightly. In summer, you can ferment well around ten days.
       How to use: when using, remember to stir first, dilute twice with water, and pay attention to the leaves when watering the flowers, so as not to contaminate the leaf surface and affect the viewing.
       Action: the water contains many phosphorus elements, which can promote the formation of flower buds, and often use the water to water the flowers, which can make the leaves green and promote the differentiation of buds.      Tangshan tengfei steel pick
       4. Fish tank water
       Fish tank water, fish feces and leftover feed, can be flowers to replenish part of nutrient nutrition, and very convenient, do not need to ferment, also do not need to dilute, just to water the flowers can!      Tangshan tengfei sugarcane knife
       5, white vinegar,
       Dilute the white vinegar 300 times and spray the leaves of the plant to make the leaves grow larger and increase the amount of flowers. By diluting the white vinegar 200 times, and water alkaline soil, it can effectively improve the acidity of soil, promote the absorption of trace elements such as phosphorus iron, and avoid the yellowing of leaves due to soil alkalinity.
       You guys, have you learned this?       Tangshan tengfei tool hilt
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