Vegetable planting temperature and humidity control technology

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abstract: 1 How do I do the seedling ream? Vegetable seedling stage if ground temperature below 15 ℃ continuous

       1. How do I do the seedling ream?
       Vegetable seedling stage if ground temperature below 15 ℃ continuous days, larger amount of water or rain for a long time, bed temperature is low, seedling long slow seedlings, retting root phenomenon occurs. Seedlings of the seedling of the seedling stage appear in the seedling, the leaves from the lower top gradually appear yellow or milky white, and the leaves start to dry up and grow very slowly. It can be used to spray the water into the water.      Tangshan tengfei spade
       2. How do you do when the blade is filled with water?
       In PengCai growth process, if the humidity of the air inside airtight PengShi, leaf transpiration is restrained, the root system to absorb up water and water of leaf cells cannot transpiration, leaf appear more with particular shape bubble spot appears downy mildew and bacterial spot. If the duration is long, the plaque, the leaf loses the green, gradually becomes the tan dead spot. It can be solved by increasing the temperature inside the shed, the reasonable ventilation and the humidity, the leaves spraying anti-freeze agent, strengthening the heat preservation measures, taking early and early cover, the indoor setting temperature condition and so on.      Tangshan tengfei hoe
       3. How to cope with the weather?
       In autumn, the light time is shortened, and the temperature and light in the shed can hardly meet the normal growth of the shingled vegetables. Once encountered disaster weather, low temperature, ground temperature drop, the root system is restrained, the vegetative growth potential is abate, the lowest stem have moderate growth phenomenon, the upper stem and leaf blade decrescent, tendril weaker, cucumber "tap" bent or blade is compact, serious when not result. Prevention should be mainly to protect the ground temperature, may open shallow furrow cover film, or cover 3-4 cm straw, adopt microirrigation measure, can prevent the ground temperature sudden drop, reduce the damage to the root system.      Tangshan tengfei steel pick
       4. How to deal with ventilation?
       For autumn planting, if you neglect the ventilation and humidity management, you will see the leaves wilting and slow growth. The management should pay attention to the wind and humidity, wind time, usually at about 9 o 'clock every morning, the wind is half an hour, night cover. In the wind at the same time also pay attention to scientific fertilization, save PengCai weak, to take "a few times" when topdressing fertilizer blue treasure to a large number of elements to water soluble fertilizer, to grasp the relative temperature, reduce the relative harmful gas concentration.     Tangshan tengfei garden tools
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