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I. manager of foreign trade department
Job description:
1, responsible for the formulation of the company's products export sales strategy.
2, responsible for the company's product export sales plan and budget formulation.
3, manage the company's foreign trade sales system, and ensure the gradual implementation of the sales plan.
4 、 personnel management of foreign trade team building and sales system.
5, the company's product brand building and promotion.
Conditions of service:
1 、 college degree or above, with more than 2 years sales management experience in hardware tools industry.
2 、 familiar with hardware tool market and marketing business.
3, with a high sense of professionalism and professionalism, dare to undertake, and good professional ethics and professionalism.
4, 30-40 years old
Two 、 foreign trade merchandiser
Job description;
1. Receiving orders and following orders
2. English mail correspondence
Conditions of service:
1 、 major in English and international trade
2, English 46
3 、 experience is preferred
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