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           Welcome to Tangshan Tengfei Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co., ltd.. From the moment you open the website of Tengfei company, we have embarked on a wonderful journey with your friendship and cooperation. Whether you are on the other side of the ocean, or in the domestic urban and rural areas, you will realize the integrity of business an enterprising, continuous innovation, committed to creating value for customers and enterprises through our website and service.
          Tangshan Tengfei Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in the process of economic globalization is accelerating today, we are faced with an information and knowledge times, may our company website can profound friendship and Wuzhou guest node, communicate information, and promote common development. Tangshan Tengfei Hardware Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., since the birth of the eastern Hebei Province, has been developing and expanding under the spring breeze of reform and opening to the outside world. We have had the joy of victory, there have been frustrated confused, but we always adhere to the development of innovation does not shake, pay close attention to the quality of expanding the market, pay attention to the integrity and credibility, create our own brand, "root" brand series of various agricultural tools sold at home and abroad, by the party and love among friends. The sea crosscurrent, surging tide of the world economy, the increasingly fierce market competition, Tangshan Tengfei Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd. all the staff will continue to adhere to independent innovation, strong spirit, with more enthusiasm and more high morale, meet new challenges, seize future opportunities, map for greater development. Here, we also expect with domestic and abroad friends sincere cooperation, hand in hand, together to create a new world of economic globalization, to usher in a more brilliant career, a better life brilliant tomorrow!
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