Tangshan Tengfei Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Luannan County, was founded in October 2001, is a medium-sized private enterprises, is the leading product R & D and manufacturing and sales of steel shovel, steel pick, garden tools, production capacity of 15 million. Products produced in North China, northeast, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and Xinjiang region sales, foreign exports are exported to the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea and europe. The company registered capital of 16 million 500 thousand yuan, the total assets of 150 million yuan, with 258 employees.
In recent years, our company has vigorously promoted technological transformation and product research and development. Registered in the national development, root Jingtang, licensing and other three trademarks, including the mechanism of "produce root" brand steel shovel was named A Well-Known Trademark in China, famous trademark in Hebei province and Hebei Province Quality Inspection Association awarded the "focus on the promotion of products" title, Tangshan City people's government "the contract and trustworthy unit", township enterprise management "famous brand in Hebei province", "Hebei famous brand", "quality products in Hebei province", "A Well-Known Trademark in China".
Completion of major economic indicators by the end of 2015. 2015 sales revenue of 105 million yuan, an increase of 10%, profit of 15 million yuan, an increase of 12%. 2016 1-8 months to achieve sales revenue of 80 million yuan, an increase of 15%, profit of 6 million yuan, an increase of 16%.
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